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How to have the best lawn on the block!
Green-Up Lawn Food with Crabgrass Preventer is the first application in Jonathan Green's New American Lawn 4-Bag Annual Program, the ONLY one on the market that feeds the lawn...AND THE SOIL®! The New American Lawn feeds lawns with slow-release lawn fertilizers, controls weeds with superior herbicides, and enhances sub-soil with a unique "soil" fertilizer called Mag-I-Cal Plus. Mag-I-Cal Plus, the third step of the program, adjusts soil pH, loosens hard soil, and bio-stimulates the soil microbial...
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It’s Never Too Late To Put In Heat Tapes Around Your Pipes:
Some of the worse things that can happen during bitter cold duration is having your water shut off due to your pipes getting so frigid they are frozen. This might be momentary and your pipes might warm up on its own with not much hardship. Still though if the pipes are ice-cold for a honest span of time, there is a hazard of them totally fracturing, resulting in an expensive pipe restoration job. Among other things the stream of flooding that may occur damaging lots of types of floors and...
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5 Helpful Tips To Stop Ice Damming
An Ice dam is a large block of Ice that forms behind a typical set of Icecicles. When this Ice melts, the water can gather behind and seep into and under the shingles. Eventually, that water can leak through your ceiling, causing damage and other issues to the roof and interior walls. We here at Crafty Beaver in Skokie want to help you prepare and prevent this issue. Armed with a little more knowledge, you will be ready to conquer the ice, once and for all.
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The Leading 10 Tips for Saving Energy & Money this Winter in Skokie
Getting ready for winter could be one of the most important tricks you can leverage to keep your home running at top power. This can be often achieved by migrating to ENERGY STAR windows or doors, switching to LED bulbs, better insulating your residence, and sealing leaks. If you’re interested in getting serious about energy and money saving this winter, here are some of the best 10 picks for some of the most impressive ways to put more cash back into your wallet.
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Painting like the pros, even if you aren’t.
Painting. For some, it is the perfect way to upgrade your living space without breaking the bank. For others, it is the worst thing that only gets done before moving. In either case, we have gathered a few of the best tip and tricks to help you get your house from “why did we pick this color” to “this is so much better!”
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Some of the best Skokie lawn and garden tips from our pros
Your garden gives the ideal scenic backdrop for gatherings throughout the summer months, until that first mosquito bite or accidental step on a prickly weed happens. No worries, we can help you prevent the never-ending itch of biting bugs and the pain of not-so-nice plants.
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