Your Best Skokie Hardware Store … and More!

Product. Price. Personal Service. These are what have enabled Crafty Beaver to become the preeminent Skokie hardware store. People in these parts just trust us. And what they trust, above all, is that we stock what they need to better their way of life, whether they’re D-I-Y-ers seeking to refurbish a kitchen or redo the house – or they’re professional contractors responsible for multiple new construction or remodel projects.

It's more than us simply supplying all the ordinary hardware store products. Oh, of course, we’ve got those by the storeful: the hand and power tools, the nuts and bolts and nails, etcetera. But we’re also a comprehensive Skokie building supply store, a Skokie lawn and garden center, a Skokie home décor and housewares store, a Skokie appliance store, a Skokie automotive store, and … well, you catch our drift! “Hardware” is actually too confining a word to embrace all the products we offer!

We’ll address specific products in a minute. First, however, a word about pricing: Crafty Beaver is as acknowleged as having among the best, most competitive, most reasonable prices in and around Skokie. Even so, we'll supplement our excellent everyday prices with recurring sale prices and special promotional discounts. Little wonder, then, that so many of your neighbors use us as a pricing benchmark. Amazing products, amazing prices, and amazing deals are just part and parcel of how we roll at Crafty Beaver!

That’s true also of personal service. In each and every department, you’ll meet genial people who not only look forward to helping you but who also possess the training, wisdom, and experience to make their help genuinely beneficial. Crafty Beaver people speak your language, whether you’re a professional contractor or a total do-it-yourself novice. Need help picking the best product for your purposes and budget? It’s yours! Haven’t a clue how to install a product or how it’s used? We have a knack for explaining things simply and directly! Want a bit of design guidance or additional consultation on a difficult home remodel project? We’re just the people to provide it!

Our complete range of customer services includes: 

As for our specific product inventory, here’s some of what you can expect to find in our various departments:

Come on by and visit us regularly, because our inventory does change every now and then. That’s merely to keep up with the most recent technological advances, design trends, and customer preferences. As we’ve said: We’re looking to be your best Skokie hardware store … and more!

Our Locations
Crafty Beaver - Skokie
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Crafty Beaver- Central
M-F 6:30am-8:00pm, SAT 7:00am-5:00pm, SUN 9:00am-5:00pm
4306 North Central AvenueChicago, IL 60634
Crafty Beaver- Lawrence
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